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Ken Gamble


Mr. Gamble is the founder and Executive Director of GII, having worked successfully in the investigation and security industry since 1988. He is licensed by the New South Wales Police to carry out investigations, provide personal protection and to furnish security advice. Mr. Gamble has worked successfully in more than 30 countries around the world and has lived in the Philippines, Germany, Hong Kong and the United States. He is an accomplished expert at clandestine surveillance, fugitive tracking and cybercrime investigations, having exposed some of the world’s largest online internet scams including the Beijing Olympic ticket scam in 2008. Mr. Gamble has experience in international child abduction cases, kidnappings and high risk executive protection assignments. He formally served as a surveillance contractor to a Commonwealth government agency and has been featured on numerous news and current affairs shows in Australia, the USA and the United Kingdom.

Allan Watson

Allan Watson is the GII Director of Global Operations. He has 27 years’ experience in investigations, business intelligence, security and crisis management in both the corporate and government sectors. Before joining GII in July 2008, he served 12 years working as a sub-contractor and a full-time consultant for London-based Control Risks in their Sydney office in Australia, carrying out complicated investigations on behalf of multinational corporations. Mr. Watson is a highly qualified investigator and covert specialist who formally contracted to an Australian Commonwealth government agency. He originates from the United Kingdom and has experience working in numerous overseas operations. Mr. Watson was involved in disaster recovery missions in Sri Lanka and Thailand (post Tsunami) during early 2005 and a successful kidnap rescue operation in Africa in 2009.

Anna Willson


Anna Willson is the UK Operations Manager, based in the London office. She has 13 years' experience as a professional investigator and consultant, with extensive experience in the UK and Europe. She has managed and conducted investigations for the corporate, private and government sectors with expertise gained in a range of matters including identity theft, various types of fraud, missing persons cases, insurance litigation, international due diligence and employee background investigations. Ms. Willson has also consulted to a major British television network. She maintains a vast network of professional consultants and investigators in the UK and abroad. She has a background in publishing, media and project management.

Police Chief Superintendent Jovie A. Gutierrez, Jr (Ret) CSP


Gen. Gutierrez is the GII Chief Consultant in our Manila, Philippines, office. He is a holder of a Masters Degree in Science of Criminology, a Major in Law Enforcement and is a Licensed Security Consultant. He brings to the company more than 35 years of security-related services. During his years in the police force, he served as Commander of elite units such as the Special Weapons and Tactics, and the Explosive Ordnance Disposal. He has led numerous live high risk operations in his career as a police officer. For almost six years he was the Chief of Police of Makati, the business capital of the Philippines, and was the Deputy District Director for Operations of the Southern Police District, a position he proficiently handled until his retirement from the police service. Gen. Gutierrez is a Certified Security Professional and one of the Directors of the Philippine Society for Industrial Security. He is an active member, and has been the Chapter Chairman, of the International Association of Bomb Technicians and Investigators [IABTI].

Josyl Rolland


Josyl Rolland is the GII Deputy Operations Manager, based in our London office. Mr. Rolland has been licensed by the French government to carry out investigations since 2003. He is experienced in fraud investigations, missing persons, anti-counterfeiting and trade mark investigations. He has also conducted a wide range of clandestine operations in various parts of Europe. He holds a Diploma in Private Investigation under French law and has a background in computer engineering. Mr. Rolland has also attained his Masters in Physics at the University of Strasbourg. He speaks fluent French and English.

Khaled Abou Khater


Mr. Khaled Abou Khater is the GII Director of Operations for Middle East & Africa, based in Cairo, Egypt. Mr. Khater is a qualified lawyer, having graduated from the University of Cairo, Faculty of Law, in 1994. He has also undertaken extensive training and studies with the Egyptian International Chamber of Mediation, Conciliation & Arbitration (EICMCA) and has presented cases relating to Intellectual Property Rights (IPR) and Petroleum disputes. Mr. Khater has experience in investigations, customs clearance, maritime transport and international trade. He is certified by the Arabic Economic Unity Council and Arabic Union for Intellectual Property Protection. Mr. Khater speaks fluent English and Arabic, with a working knowledge of French.

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