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GII has the experience, knowledge and in-country resources to get the job done right the first time. Whether the problem is a personal issue or a corporate crisis, GII can provide a personal, comprehensive and discreet service to uncover the truth. GII’s expert consulting services are increasing in demand on a global scale and are sought after in international markets on a daily basis.

The company has been branching out into new areas of business with the introduction of two new subsidiaries: GII Legal Services based in Egypt, which offers legal and consulting services to the Arabic community, and Internet Fraud Watchdog (IFW), a cyber-crime fighting organisation set up to prevent fraud and protect major corporations that rely heavily on the internet to sell goods and services. 

GII has developed extensive professional personnel and resources around the world to serve our clients' growing needs and expectations.

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Gamble Investigations International and Internet Fraud Watchdog have recently merged into IFW Global. We continue to provide Worldwide Physical Investigation, Cyber Intelligence and Brand Protection services. Please visit out website