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Brand Protection

Gamble Investigations International has extensive experience and success in dealing with Intellectual Property Rights, Anti-Counterfeiting Measures, Brand and Trademark Protection.

Increasingly, fraudsters are looking for ways in which to capitalise on the illegal use of a company's brand - its intellectual property - for their own gain. Costly investments are made by a company in its brand which is one of its most important assets and is often the company's identity. Misuse of a brand can have a serious effect on brand integrity, as well as the obvious damage to the company's profits.

GII's extensive global reach and use of complex investigative processes, combined with our experience in liaising with relevant authorities on behalf of clients, often results in the closure of counterfeit operations. Our ability to track fraudsters to their exact location, often catching them in the act and usually by surprise, also extends to third world underdeveloped countries.

During recent years the fast growth in internet advertising has prompted a substantial worldwide increase in the online sale of counterfeit goods on overt and covert websites. Working in conjunction with our sister company Internet Fraud Watchdog in cases of fraudulent online use of a company's brand, we have a range of proven services to identify illegal websites and to disrupt and remove the online fraudsters.

Our clients benefit from a great return on investment in having their brands protected. If you have a concern about misuse of your company brand or trademark, please contact us and we will be pleased to advise how our services can become an invaluable part of your trademark and brand protection strategy.

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Gamble Investigations International and Internet Fraud Watchdog have recently merged into IFW Global. We continue to provide Worldwide Physical Investigation, Cyber Intelligence and Brand Protection services. Please visit out website