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Australian PI Ken Gamble finds Beijing Olympic tickets scammer

Herald Sun, Australia

THE mastermind behind the Beijing Olympics ticketing scam has a long history of internet-based fraud, says an Australian private investigator. Ken Gamble has been tracking the activities of Londoner Terence Shepherd, now believed to be based in Barbados, since 2003. Mr Gamble says Shepherd, 49, was behind a series of illegitimate ticket-selling operations which had targeted major sporting events, including Rugby World Cup matches in Australia.

"It's an extraordinarily well organised syndicate of fake websites, which also deliberately oversells tickets for major events on legitimate websites," Mr Gamble said. "The story's always the same - it's an unfortunate mistake or someone has let them down. 
"They promise a refund which never happens and the credit companies end up paying all the refunds. It's all part of the elaborate scam." Mr Gamble also said Shepherd viewed the Beijing Olympics as "one last massive sting" before he would retire. Shephard came to the attention of the National Rugby League in 2003 after his company Sports Mondial was found to have obtained illegally $22,000 worth of tickets for the grand final.

The Supreme Court ruled Sports Mondial was a black market ticket seller and ordered the company to refund more than $36,000 to 81 clients who had purchased hospitality packages. Fairfax says a further $400,000 loss was not reported at the time - and it involved a Sydney events company which purchased $1 million Rugby World Cup tickets from a Shepherd syndicate but only $600,000 worth were delivered. Mr Gamble says he tracked down Shepherd's former Sydney-based frontman at the Rugby World Cup in Paris last year where he was served a court summons over the 2003 scam.

August 06, 2008 08:05am

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