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One of Australia’s most notorious conmen arrested

In co-ordination with A Current Affair, Ken Gamble of Gamble Investigations International and sister company Internet Fraud Watchdog, locates conman and convicted fraudster Peter Foster. After failing to appear in Court a year ago following his slimming scam SensaSlim, Foster has been wanted by Interpol. Using the alias Mark Hughes, he has also masterminded a scam under the guise of Sports Trading Club - an online ponzi scheme which raked in more than AU$10 million. Believing their investments were for betting on worldwide sporting events, hundreds of Australians have been funding, amongst other things, Peter Foster’s yacht. A Current Affair shows Peter Foster’s dramatic arrest on 28th October 2014 close to the rented 5-bedroom luxury house near Byron Bay where he has been hiding out and running STC.

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