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Investigator rescues child In Egypt

May 11, 2009 - the powerful combination of Gamble’s unwavering commitment, expertise and heart resulted in the return of a young girl into her Australian mother’s arms after she was kidnapped by her Egyptian father at the age of four.

Gamble first learned of the case in April 2007 when the story aired on Australia’s A Current Affair. When he watched the segment about a fruitless effort to find and rescue a little girl kidnapped by her strict Muslin father, living and hiding in Egypt, Gamble knew that he not only could, but had to, do something to help right this tragic wrong.  Gamble was retained by the show to work on the case and started a long and complex search with the desperate and heartbroken mother, which ultimately led to the rescue of her daughter and her safe return to Australia.

Long after the television show had given up in late 2007, Gamble had not, providing ongoing investigative and legal support for the mother. His dedication to the young mother and daughter and to his profession ended in a first dangerous, then beautiful, reunion on the streets of Egypt that was captured on camera and recently aired on A Current Affair. The leading current affairs show became involved again only after learning that Gamble had independently located the fugitive father and his daughter, and had arranged his arrest by Egyptian police.

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