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Cyber crime fighters meeting in Sydney to discuss the epidemic

The Daily Telegraph, Australia

SOME of the world's leading cyber crime fighters are meeting in Sydney to discuss the growing epidemic of technology and Internet related crime.

Australia in particular has become a favourite hunting ground for internet fraudsters and identity thieves.

"Our culture is such that we are very trusting of others and this good Aussie nature can unfortunately be taken advantage of by cyber criminals who target your pockets and bank accounts,’’ said cyber crime expert and founder of Internet Fraud Watchdog, Ken Gamble..

“Australia has some of the highest incidences of cyber crime in the world.”

Police and experts say internet crime from fraud, theft and even blackmail is now the new frontier targeted by the underworld.

“It has to be addressed globally because in cyber space there are no boundaries and the tracking of these cyber criminals to find out who is behind particular scams is increasingly difficult.’’

Mr Gamble is organising the 4th Regional Conference on Cybercrime and International Criminal Cooperation in Sydney on May 19th and 20th.

The event is being organised by Internet Fraud Watchdog in conjunction with the International Association of Cybercrime Prevention.

He said the conference will bring together local and international experts to discuss and share information about what is happening in cyber crime.

“It is affecting everyone from small private business owners to financial institutions, governments and major corporations’’, Mr. Gamble was recently employed to shut-down a young hacker who was illegally broadcasting NRL games to over 12,000 members through his website,

“The message we are sending out to hackers and cyber criminals is that we, as a global community, are joining forces to fight cybercrime at all levels using sophisticated methods and technology. If you get involved in cyber crime, you are going to get caught”.

Keynote speakers at the May event include Commander Grant Edwards, manager of the AFP's High Tech Crime Operations and Prof. Sylvia Kierkegaard, President of the International Association of IT Lawyers EU & COE legal expert & adviser.

There are also speakers from the ATO, eBay, Western Union, AMEX, Pricewaterhouse and various universities in Australia. Topics for discussion at the event include cyber crime, digital evidence, fraud in cyberspace, cyber security, infringement and enforcement of IPRs and Internet jurisdictional issues.

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