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MH17 plane crash victims exploited on Facebook

A number of Facebook pages using the names and photos of Malaysian Airlines MH17 victims were set up following the disaster in July 2014. The Facebook sites contained a link purporting to be a video of the plane crash over Ukraine but actually linked to, a website which appeared to promote soccer highlights and other events. Private investigator Ken Gamble traced the domain to a server in the Netherlands and, as he explained to the Daily Mail, the website appeared to have been hacked in order to divert to adult websites and others selling counterfeit drugs. He added that the websites to which diverted also contained malicious files that could infect a user’s computer. The website was later shut down.


Terence Shepherd, Britain's biggest ticket fraudster, jailed for 8 years

On Monday 11th July 2011, Terence Shepherd and two other defendants were sentenced after a seven week trial at Southwark Crown Court, London, in connection with the £5million Beijing Olympics 2008 online ticketing fraud. Through the Xclusive companies, it is believed they defrauded over 5000 people worldwide, including the families of Olympic athletes. The victims had paid up to 48 times the face value for tickets to the Games.

The ‘massively cynical’ Olympic ticket scam had been uncovered by Sydney cyber crime expert Ken Gamble who exposed Shepherd and his cronies. Mr. Gamble compiled a dossier showing the Olympic site and other fake websites had been registered to XL&H, a company based in a non-existent office in Phoenix, Arizona, that was controlled by Shepherd.


The 4th Regional Conference on Cybercrime and International Criminal Cooperation (CICC) 2011

Security and Law in the Information Age

This conference focuses on all aspects of cybercrime and incident response including intrusion investigations, cybercrime laws, digital evidence, information assurance, as well as the research, development, testing, and evaluation of digital forensic tools.

The goal is to prepare attendees for the new cybercrimes of today and the near future. Speakers will discuss new approaches and new perspectives.

This event will be held in Sydney on May 19th and 20th, 2011. It focuses on bringing together cybercrime experts, forensic scientists and other cyber experts, primarily working in the field of Information Security and Criminology, as well as other allied subjects. The event will demonstrate the latest advances in the field of cyber-organized crime and will discuss cybercrimes, digital evidence, fraud in cyberspace, cyber security, infringement and enforcement of IPRs and internet jurisdictional issues.


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Cyber crime fighters meeting in Sydney to discuss the epidemic

The Daily Telegraph, Australia

SOME of the world's leading cyber crime fighters are meeting in Sydney to discuss the growing epidemic of technology and Internet related crime.

Australia in particular has become a favourite hunting ground for internet fraudsters and identity thieves.

"Our culture is such that we are very trusting of others and this good Aussie nature can unfortunately be taken advantage of by cyber criminals who target your pockets and bank accounts,’’ said cyber crime expert and founder of Internet Fraud Watchdog, Ken Gamble..

“Australia has some of the highest incidences of cyber crime in the world.”


Private eye puts the byte on hacker's illegal rugby league website

The Daily Telegraph, Australia - 19th March 2011

TWO hours before the NRL season kicked off, a young hacker was politely told to shut down his illegal website which had been streaming live matches - or face going to jail.

The website was started last season by a Rozelle youngster just out of high school.

In two days, "Liam" - as he wants to be known - had 6000 members and by the end of last season the number had grown to 12,000. He believed he would have tripled that this year.


Investigator rescues child In Egypt

May 11, 2009 - the powerful combination of Gamble’s unwavering commitment, expertise and heart resulted in the return of a young girl into her Australian mother’s arms after she was kidnapped by her Egyptian father at the age of four.


Olympic ticket scam mastermind arrested

The Sydney Morning Herald, Australia

By Jennifer Cooke

Britain's Serious Fraud Office (SFO) announced late last night, Sydney time, that the group, four men ages 41, 50, 51 and 54 and a 49-year-old woman were arrested, questioned and released on unconditional bail. The arrests by members of the SFO and the Metropolitan Police Service are part of an ongoing investigation into a suspected online fraud by companies including Xclusive Tickets Limited and Xclusive Leisure & Hospitality Limited (XL&H) which are both in liquidation and allegedly linked to Terence Frank Shepherd, of Blackheath in London.


Australian PI Ken Gamble finds Beijing Olympic tickets scammer

Herald Sun, Australia

THE mastermind behind the Beijing Olympics ticketing scam has a long history of internet-based fraud, says an Australian private investigator. Ken Gamble has been tracking the activities of Londoner Terence Shepherd, now believed to be based in Barbados, since 2003. Mr Gamble says Shepherd, 49, was behind a series of illegitimate ticket-selling operations which had targeted major sporting events, including Rugby World Cup matches in Australia.


British fraud ran Beijing ticket scam

The Sydney Morning Herald, Australia

The mastermind behind the Beijing Olympics ticketing scam is believed to be a Briton with a long history of fraudulent ticket schemes, and it is not the first time Australians have been have been caught in his web.

Terance Shepherd, 49, a London online tout, was planning to "go out in style", a former colleague warned last year, after a British newspaper exposed another of his websites, online, for selling non-existent World Cup tickets for England matches for as much as $6000 each.


ABC radio interview transcript - Olympic ticketing scam

ABC Online

AM - Englishman behind ticket scam: private eye

[This is the print version of story]


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